Our Story

Dirty Trails Soap was started by Christy and Chere’, a mother/daughter team, who collaborated to make vegan, palm-free handcrafted soaps that people could not resist using.  While Chere’ has gone on to achieve her educational dream of earning her Doctorate in education, her mother, Christy, continues to craft the luxurious cleansing soaps, using only top-quality oils and butters.

Locally and lovingly crafted in our studio in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, each batch reflects our commitment to originality, passion & sophistication. Since we care about our planet, our eco-friendly process and minimal packaging means you can enjoy handcrafted natural luxury while contributing to a better world.

Our products are free of palm oil, which means that it is better for the world, and especially for endangered species such as orangutans. Furthermore, our products are made from plant based products, not animal fats like lard or tallow than can contain traces of antibiotic residue.

Let Dirty Trails Soap be with you on every step of your journey to keep you clean, your skin feeling heavenly, and your senses enlivened by the aromatherapy of each bar. 

We hope you’ll join Dirty Trails Soap on our journey of growth and expansion, whether you are looking for that special gift for a friend or a business client, or to pamper your guests at your bed and breakfast.